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Jess Fin Grant

Helping others with brain cancer...

A brain cancer diagnosis is overwhelming to the patient and those who care for them. The Jess Fin Foundation Grant was established for the purpose of providing a grant to someone residing in the Lehigh Valley who has been diagnosed with primary malignant brain cancer within the last 12 months.


This grant is intended to help ease financial burdens and stressors and allow families to focus their efforts on treatment and caregiving. The Jess Fin Grant will be awarded at least once per year and applications are being accepted now.


• Applicants must reside in Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania regardless of where they are receiving treatment.

• Applications will be considered for cancer patients diagnosed with a primary malignant brain cancer within 12 months of applying and before, during and up to one year after treatment.

• Applicants must provide a letter from their treating physician providing verification of the applicant's diagnosis OR a pathology/medical report with the patient's name and date of birth confirming applicant's diagnosis.

• Applicants must apply by submitting this form to the Jess Fin Foundation and will receive acknowledgement of their application.

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