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Jess's Team

Our Mission:

To raise money and contribute to organizations that are actively identifying and creating treatments for brain cancer.


To offer financial help via a monetary grant to Lehigh Valley individuals in needas a result of their brain cancer diagnosis.

Our Vision:

To have contributed to organizations doing research for brain cancer with hopes that someday they find a cure!


Jean Dalstad

President and Treasurer

I am Jess's Mom. I am so proud to be able to run the Jess Fin Foundation and dedicate my life towards finding a cure for the horrible disease that took my Jess, way too early.


Erik Dalstad

Vice President

I am the proud stepfather of Jess since she was 7 years old and am now dedicated to the Jess Fin Foundation created in her memory. She loved life, volleyball, and teaching kids' math. Brain cancer took her from us all too soon, and so the Jess Fin Foundation will provide financial support for medical research and others stricken by brain cancer.


Rebecca Dalstad


I am Jess's sister.  She was such an inspiration and the strongest person I know.  I am dedicated to the Jess Fin Foundation and hope for a cure someday!

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